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Other Plates

Amateur Radio Operator

Amateur Radio Operator plates are available in your FCC call sign. These special plates are allowed provided the vehicle bearing the plates is not over nine thousand pounds (9,000 lbs.) GVW. Please fill out the Amateur Radio Operator application and send it to the Cranston DMV Plate Room along with your valid and current FCC license. Normal registration fees apply.

Antique Plates

Motor Vehicles or Motorcycles must be at least 25 years old. Unless fully inspected and meeting inspection requirements, the vehicle may be maintained solely for use in exhibitions, club activities, parades and other functions of public interest. The vehicle may also be used for limited enjoyment and purposes other than the previously mentioned activities, but may not be used primarily for the transportation of passengers or goods over any public highway.

Electric Hybrid

Electric hybrid Motor vehicles powered in whole or in part by a storage battery are eligible for this plate. The vehicle must have its fuel type listed as Electric (E) or Hybrid (X) when it is registered. It is not mandatory to have this plate on this type of vehicle but is encouraged for the safety of First Responders.

Farm Plates

You need to bring in the bill(s) of sale. You must bring in photos of the vehicle: front, sides, rear, and interior. Your application is subject to approval by the DMV's Enforcement Office.


You must have a letter certified by the chief of the fire department stating that you are currently a member of that department with at least one year of active service or retired under honorable conditions.