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On occasion, vehicles whose registration may have been suspended, cancelled or denied may need to be inspected for SAFETY ITEMS ONLY. In order to issue a valid registration, proof is needed that the vehicle under consideration is safe for highway use. The State will accept an Alternate Inspection Approval report, properly signed and stamped by a certified inspector of an official inspection station, after the vehicle has been examined WITHIN THE CONFINES OF THE GARAGE PROPERTY and found to be safely operable on the public highways. When the vehicle is issued a proper registration, it will have to be presented to the inspection station to complete the emission and/or safety inspection and upon approval, be issued an inspection sticker.

If your vehicle's registration has been suspended, cancelled or denied due to lack of inspection approval, please follow these steps to obtain clearance:

  1. Present the vehicle along with the form to a Rhode Island Official Inspection Station licensed to inspect the vehicle. (visit www.dmv.ri.gov/inspections/requirements/ for a list of locations).
  2. Return the form (fax to 401-462-5838 or deliver), SIGNED AND STAMPED BY THE INSPECTOR, to the Safety and Emission Control Office for consideration and reinstatement of registration privileges for the vehicle.
  3. IMPORTANT NOTE: Always call 401-462-5890 to confirm receipt after faxing Once cleared by Safety and Emission Control, you may now obtain the registration and plates or perform the registration transaction required.
  4. Return to the same inspection station with the proper registration and/or plates(vehicle must be present), to complete the inspection and have a sticker issued.


This form is used to verify that your vehicle or equipment is out-of-state, and will miss its required vehicle inspection. On occasion, vehicles are not in the State of Rhode Island during the month that its current inspection approval expires and it is reasonable to understand that these vehicles should not be expected to be returned to Rhode Island solely for the purpose of inspection.

The State will accept the certificate of inspection and approval issued to a vehicle that was not in the State of Rhode Island during the month that it’s inspection approval expired providing that the out of state authority has a safety and emissions inspection law similar to the one in Rhode Island.

These regulations are not to be interpreted to mean that a Rhode Island registered vehicle can be taken out of state to be inspected. This privilege is only granted to vehicles that are not in Rhode Island during the expiration month of the current approval.

This out-of-state inspection certificate will be honored for five (5) days when the vehicle is returned to Rhode Island.

In the event that a vehicle has not been inspected in another state, (the jurisdiction in which the vehicle is currently domiciled lacks an inspection program or does not inspect vehicles registered in other jurisdictions) the vehicle will be allowed five (5) Division of Motor Vehicles business days upon its return to the State of Rhode Island in which to obtain an inspection approval.

The burden of proof that the vehicle was out of state at the time the existing approval on the vehicle expired is solely the responsibility of the registered owner.


This form is used to verify that your vehicle is off the road (such as in storage or in the process of being restored) and will miss its required Rhode Island Emissions and or Safety Inspection. Owners of vehicles being stored off the public roads may apply for an exemption while the vehicle is stored and this exemption will prevent the registration from becoming suspended. This exemption expires immediately upon the vehicle being returned to the roadways.