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The Division of Motor Vehicles, Adjudication Unit is located on the first floor of the DMV Headquarters, at 600 New London Ave, Cranston, RI 02920. The primary function of the Adjudication Unit is to address license and registration suspensions in a timely and professional manner.

Please Note: The reinstatement fee does not include the cost for a license or registration renewal. These fees are in addition to any fees or fines imposed by a court, or paid as a result of a traffic violation.

Upon arriving at the Adjudication Unit, please check in at the service window to have your transaction reviewed. A numbered ticket will be issued for the next available Hearing Officer. Please be advised that some hearings may take longer than others. Your patience is greatly appreciated while waiting for the next available Hearing Officer.

In addition to license and registration suspensions, the Adjudication Unit also provides information on out of state suspensions and suspensions that can be cleared by mail. It provides certified driving records, coordinates court ordered driver retraining, and oversees the Medical Advisory Board.

Driving violations and court hearings are addressed by the appropriate court of jurisdiction. The appropriate court of jurisdiction can be found on the bottom left hand side of the suspension order. If a suspension is from a municipal court you must contact the city or town from which the summons was issued.

Certified Driving Records

Certified driving records can be obtained in person at the Adjudication Unit. A non-certified copy of a driving record may also be obtained on line. Any violations dismissed by a court, or dismissed pursuant to Rhode Island General Law 31-41.1-7 entitled, Application for Dismissal Based on Good Driving Record, do not appear on your driving record.

Driver Retraining

The Driver Retraining office coordinates court imposed alcohol education, defensive driving school, alcohol treatment and public community service. All classes are held at the Community College of Rhode Island, and registration information will be mailed within four weeks after a person's scheduled court date. If your charge is from out of state, you must appear in person at the Driver Retraining office with your paper work from the referring agency.

Medical Advisory Board

The Medical Advisory Board was established in accordance with Chapter 31-10-44 of the Rhode Island General Laws. The Medical Advisory Board meets on the second Wednesday of every month. The sole function of the Medical Review Board is to advise the Administrator of the Division of Motor Vehicles on the physical and mental fitness standards of a person to operate a motor vehicle. When a person's physical and mental fitness to operate a motor vehicle is called into question, the Administrator may consult relevant specialists who are members of the Medical Advisory Board in order to determine a person's qualifications to operate a motor vehicle.

Out of State Suspensions

If you have received a suspension notice from the Adjudication Unit regarding an out of state issue, please contact the state at the contact information we provided within the suspension notice. The Adjudication Unit must receive proof of payment by the effective date on the order or your license will be suspended.

Suspension Information by Mail

If you cannot appear in person at the Adjudication Unit for information regarding your license or registration, you may leave a message listing your name, date of birth, address, license number, as well as a brief description of the problem you are experiencing and you will receive correspondence by mail. You may also mail your suspension inquiry and any pertinent information to the Adjudication Unit.