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Beginning Monday June 29, 2020, Drop Off and Pick Up for RI and Out-of-State Dealers will only be permitted between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the RI DMV has changed the Dealer drop-off turn-around time. Effective immediately, transactions will be completed within seven (7) - fourteen (14) business days. Every effort will be made to complete transactions in a timely manner. Drop off and pickup will occur at the main DMV entrance. We appreciate your cooperation and support.

Dealer Room

In order to provide dealers with faster service, the Division of Motor Vehicles is implementing new procedures for the Dealer Room commencing April 16, 2018. As of that date, all dealer transactions will be conducted on a drop off basis only. All dealer transactions will be performed at the Cranston DMV only and the expected turn-around time to complete the work will be between three and five business days. Based on our past experience performing dealer work on a drop off basis, these new procedures will allow us to complete transactions in a more efficient manner and provide a better overall service experience for dealers.


Dealers will be allowed to drop off work bundled in one large envelope containing up to ten transaction packets. Each packet must be paperclipped (not stapled) together containing all required documents, signatures and a blank check made out to RIDMV. Each envelope must contain a completed cover sheet. Each envelope will have marked clearly on the front the name of the dealership, a contact person at the dealership (not a runner), and an email address and phone number for that contact person. Please click here for a copy of the required cover sheet.

Dealers will be allowed to drop off no more than two envelopes for a total of twenty registrations at a time. Once an envelope has been completed, the dealer may drop off the next envelope to be completed. In the event DMV is able to handle additional work, this limit will be adjusted.

Work can be dropped off in Room 302 on the third floor of the Cranston DMV during regular business hours. Dealers may also mail work to Dealer Room, RIDMV, 600 New London Avenue, Cranston, RI 02920. Only one window will be open in the Cranston DMV to handle emergency cases, such as transactions when the twenty-day plate has expired. Dealer transactions will not be processed in DMV branch locations. Dealers that have single transactions may speak with the Cranston Dealer Room supervisor to see if the transaction can be completed at the window. The ability to process single transactions at the window will be based on customer volume at the time.


Once the packet of work has been completed, a DMV employee will contact the dealership based on the contact information provided on the work envelope. In the event a particular transaction could not be processed, a cover sheet will be attached to the paperwork for that transaction indicating why the transaction could not be processed. It is important that all work be checked prior to drop off. Many common reasons transactions can't be processed could be avoided if paperwork is thoroughly checked prior to drop off. Common reasons a transaction is rejected include: missing signatures, signatures not notarized, missing insurance information, missing plate number for transfer and title not completed.


Dealers that have online access to the RIMS system will only be permitted to bring transactions to the Dealer Room that they do not have access to perform themselves in RIMS. This will allow DMV to devote its resources to performing transactions for those dealers that do not have the capability to do so themselves. Pursuant to the Online Dealer Memorandum of Understanding, dealers that have online access will be required to use the DMV computer system to register all vehicles purchased from Dealer and all other dealers that are affiliated with Dealer that hold a current, valid Rhode Island motor vehicle dealer's license for the type of vehicles sold. For example, if Acme Ford has online access, all the Acme dealerships (Acme Chevrolet, Acme Jeep) must all have their work processed at Acme Ford. Dealers with online access and their associated dealerships will not be permitted to drop off work for processing through the Dealer Room.