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Name & Address Change

You can update your Rhode Island driver's license at any DMV branch location or at a AAA branch office (members only).

Name Change

Legal Requirements: Name change must be done with Social Security first. It will take 24 hours for changes at Social Security to become effective for the DMV to process your transaction.

Address Change

Legal Requirements: License holders are required by law to notify the DMV within ten days of any change in address.

Procedure for Changing Gender Designation on Driver's License or Identification Card

Applicants requesting a change of the gender designation on their driver's license or identification card from that showing on their identity proof documents must:

  • Surrender any current state-issued license or identification card.
  • Submit a completed Gender Designation form.
  • Pay applicable fees for new or updated license or identification card. The applicant shall have a new photograph taken.

Name changes related to gender are completed via submission of appropriate court documents and also must be reflected on the Social Security card. Please refer to the RI DMV Document Checklist - License and ID Cards.